Mr Nigel Horlock

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Breast Reduction

Horlock Breast Reduction Banner Image SouthamptonOverly-large breasts can cause discomfort, irritation, back, shoulder and neck pain, can cause bad posture, and can prevent you from performing normal activities or exercising.

During a breast reduction procedure, a procedure also known as a reduction mammaplasty, Mr Horlock removes excess fat, tissue and skin and reshapes the breasts into a more youthful shape. The breast and nipple are elevated and the nipple can be resized if necessary.

A breast reduction is performed under general anaesthetic and involves a two-night stay in hospital. Mr Horlock will explain the procedure in full and all possible complications during the consultation before you make the decision to embark on surgery. This breast procedure is potentially more complex and does involve more scarring than a breast augmentation procedure, but it has a high patient satisfaction rate as it can have a truly transformative effect on a woman’s breasts and is very reliable in reducing the physical symptoms of overly-large breasts such as neck and back ache.
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Mr Horlock's NHS practice is based in the regional plastics unit at Salisbury District Hospital. He covers Salisbury, Southampton and Dorchester. He sees patients in his private practice at Southampton, Salisbury, Dorchester.

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