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They are usually the first thing anyone notices about you and nothing shows the signs of ageing more than the eyes. Mr Horlock can perform an eyelid lift, called a blepharoplasty, and this can be either targeted at the upper or lower lids or both.

During an upper blepharoplasty, an incision is made along the eyelid crease – the natural fold of the eye will help disguise the scar – and then excess skin and fat are removed. For a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, Mr Horlock is able to either make the incision just below the lower lashes or from behind the lid in a procedure called a transconjunctival blepahroplasty. The latter leaves no obvious scars. Because the skin on the eyelid is so thin, scarring becomes much less of an issue than with the other methods.

The fat in the lower lid can be manipulated in many ways. Excess fat can be removed, or if the issue is a marked hollow at the juncture of the cheek and eye, then the fat can be grafted or moved to smooth this away.

An eye lift is not able to eradicate dark circles or smooth fine lines around the eyes. However ,there are a number of non-surgical treatments that are effective in solving these problems. Mr Horlock will discuss these at the consultation.
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Mr Horlock's NHS practice is based in the regional plastics unit at Salisbury District Hospital. He covers Salisbury, Southampton and Dorchester. He sees patients in his private practice at Southampton, Salisbury, Dorchester.

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