Mr Nigel Horlock

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Ear Reshaping

Ear Reshaping Image SouthamptonProminent or protruding ears can cause embarrassment and distress and a pinnaplasty procedure, the surgical operation to reshape the ear, can transform a patient’s self-confidence.

As this condition is not likely to correct itself over time, a pinnaplasty procedure can be performed on younger patients once the cartilage in the ear has fully matured.

During your consultation, Mr Horlock will perform a thorough examination to ensure you are suitable for surgery and whether he believes the operation will give you the results you are expecting.

There are two techniques to correct protruding ears; in the first, sutures alone are used to pin the ear into its new position. In the other, an incision is made behind the ear and then cartilage and skin are removed and/or reshaped to allow the ear to lie closer to the head. Then the ear is pinned into its new position with permanent stitches. Mr Horlock will determine which technique will produce the best results at the consultation.

As with all surgical procedures performed under a general anaesthetic there are a number of possible complications but Mr Horlock will explain them in full at the consultation. Sometimes a repeat procedure is needed to improve on the results.

A pinnaplasty is a relatively straightforward procedure which can bring a newfound confidence in your appearance.
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