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Brow Lift

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Sagging brows are one of the first signs of facial ageing and a brow lift is a surgical procedure that lifts and smooths the upper part of the face. Often Mr Horlock sees patients seeking an eyelid surgery for hooding when it is actually a sagging brow that is causing the problem.

A brow lift can either be performed as an open or closed procedure. During an open procedure, an incision is made either along or just behind the natural hairline, the muscles are released, excess skin and any fat tissue are removed and the skin and muscles are lifted and stitched into their new position.
In a closed procedure, a few small incisions are made along the hairline and then Mr Horlock uses an endoscopic camera and specially designed instruments to lift muscles and tissue into the new position where they are then stitched into their place.

Mr Horlock will discuss the procedure and what it can achieve in full at the consultation, as well as any possible complications. A brow lift is an effective surgical procedure than can really refresh the ageing face.
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